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2017-09-18 21:09:29 by DigitalBluez

I keep forgetting to update here. Sorry. :P


Right now, I'm in the middle of setting up a Patreon for my music, art, pixel art, animations, cosplays, and more of my tomfoolery. But right now, it isn't ready, so for now, I'll link you all to other sites I upload to and participate in.


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I O U One Explanation

2015-09-08 19:08:33 by DigitalBluez

I guess I owe the people who follow me an explanation for my absence. Sorry. :P

Basically, it's been a long, roller coaster of a hectic life I've been living the past seven months since my last post. Between graduating from college, insufficient equipment, finding employment to pay off student debts, and a severe lack of motivation, I haven't been able to sit down and crack down on things I've been aspiring to be. This is mostly due to responsibilities to not only others, but to myself. However, I look back sometimes and feel like it's not much of an excuse to leave my creativity in the dark, and after some self-evaluations, I feel as if I now know what I want to do.

So here I am now; a graduate with an advanced diploma in New Media Production & Animation, working somewhere not related to my field to support myself and my own projects. I've been swinging back and forth between the things I've learned and the things I want to learn. & after revisiting a couple of favorite NG artists (Short-Factor, Waterflame, Mattashi, and Alvin-Earthworm, in particular), I've realized that, as much as 3D animation has awe inspired me, I had completely forgotten my interest in sprite-animation; the one form of media that initially sparked my love for animation (aside from Anime and Cartoons) in the first place. Since then, I've been making time for myself, trying to learn the tips and tricks of sprite animation, since I'm fairly familiar with how to make pixel art.

I just want to make this clear; just because I've chosen to teach myself sprite animation in flash, does not mean I'm forsaking music making. In addition to chiptune music, I want to try other genres of music to make. I've learned so much these past three years, that its opened up a lot of possibilities for me to experiment and go forward with; like post production artistry, score composing, CGI, cosplay, etc. So sit tight. I promise to whoever already follows me that good things will come around soon from me. :)

Rest in Paradise, MOnty Oum

2015-02-02 23:36:45 by DigitalBluez

As you may or may not know, Monty Oum, the lead animator of popular web series Red Vs. Blue and creator of CGI Anime RWBY, has passed away yesterday afternoon. He had suffered from an allergic reaction during a medical procedure which had left him in a coma. He was later pronounced dead...


I still can't shake off the feeling. His work behind Dead Fantasy up to RWBY was what inspired me to study animation. To hear that he passed away was indeed soul shattering, especially for those of the Rooster Teeth community and staff. I have never met the man in person, and I have never known what it was like to work alongside him... all I can say is is that his creativity and unbelievable determination is what all animators should aspire to. As tribute, the latest track I've released today called "Evermore" is in honor of his work.


Rest in Paradise, Monty Oum. You have lit the torches of all the creative minds of the RT community and RWBY fanbase. Though you are no more, your soul lives on in the work you have left behind, and in the lives you have touched. You will not be forgotten...

Lack of Stuff? Why?

2014-11-23 21:17:19 by DigitalBluez

I guess this mostly applies to the people following me already, but I should still explain.

First of all, I really want to thank the people who've managed to listen to and appreciate the two songs I have uploaded now. It's nice to know some people think I have potential. The problem is, no matter how badly I want to sit down and compose stuff, a lot of things get in my way.

For instance, college. Animation takes up a lot of my time. In the long term sense, I'm learning animation (3D in college and 2D on my own) in order to create music videos to coincide with the music I make. It's mostly just an independent thing I'm doing with me and a sibling, but we're trying our best to accomplish this goal. The second thing is money. I'm not exactly the most wealthy individual, so my highest priority these days is finding a job to upkeep with my daily needs. The third is.... well, my own self conflicts. I have a lot of emotional issues in my mind to work out, & sometimes, those problems tend to overpower my muse & just forces me to stop.


For the few people who are actually following me, thanks a lot. It means something to me, it really does. I'm just sorry it's taking me a while to show off more stuff. I promise to release more songs (and hopefully, some other things) once I get my act together. I'm just not in a very good state right now.